The River Road (BBBC 2017.20)

California State Road 160 is my favorite road close to home. In fact, the River Road (its apt street name) is really the only scenic road within twenty miles of my residence. After a short five mile ride through banal residential and business areas the road begins to change. 

First the four-lane expressway narrows to a two lane road, then, the iconic “Sacramento: City of Trees” water tower in the distance disappears as the trees begin to close in on the road creating, at times, a canopy. The quaint town of Freeport arrives with its cafes, bait shops and boat launch. The rider can at this time opt to cross the Sacramento on the Freeport Bridge into West Sacramento and either continue south down the River Road or go north into West Sacramento proper. This is what I do when I need just an hour or so to relax. I can then drive back home and maybe hit Whitey’s Jolly Cone for a milkshake.

“Steel Deck= a slippery crossing!

If I have the time I stay on the east side–keeping the river on my right and soon the road rolls up onto the levee and I can see the river. This is when the ride becomes truly remarkable. The road gently winds along the Sacramento and the experience becomes truly peaceful experience.

The River Road sports a network of ferries. 

In May of 2012 I posted two stories about the River Road. One was when I rode with the Sacramento Royal Bastards Scooter Club and another was a post similar to this one. The run with the SRBSC gang started out fine, but ran into a problem with one rider when we got too far behind the pack and then it became a personality problem. I decided I was better off doing this kind of thing alone. 

So before I really got started running with a crew I ended up a lone rider, and the River Road is great for that. Absolutely beautiful and ideal for some “me time.” I enjoy viewing the blog Scooter in the Sticks and admire not only the author’s eye and excellent photography, but the beauty of what I believe is rural Pennsylvania. The River Road is, so far, the closest thing I have experienced to the rugged beauty of the blogger’s backdrops.

Recently, I haven’t had much time to ride the River Road or explore other roads due to bad weather conditions. I have been confided to commuting to work and back and running errands, but when things clear up I’ll be back on that highway keepin’ the river to my right.

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