Another Class Reunion I’ll Pass On (BBBC 2017.19)

Rio Americano Class of ’77. (Are those peppers next to some of the names, like on an ethic food menu?)

This year is the 40th Reunion of my high school, and like all the others that preceded it I am not interested in attending. Looking back on my childhood I remember some good times, but mostly I don’t remember much at all. My mother says it is because I was not happy. This sounds about right.

With the exception of two people who I still wish pox upon (yeah, somethings I just can’t let go), I don’t resent anyone and have actually reconnected with a few of my old classmates thanks to social media. I just can’t get excited about hooking up with any other classmates. So, I have no intention of going.

Every five or ten years these feelings come up. Should I go? Will anyone miss me? Will I find that if I go I will wonder why I passed on this all these years? The answer to these questions is always negative.

Maybe some day, but I doubt it. I like my life, but I don’t think I really liked that particular part, so why relive it.

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