Returning to the Movie Theater

Godzilla vs. Kong — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES As everyone knows by now, movie theaters are opening up with limited seating. There are two BIG films I want to see on the big screen: Jon M. Chu‘s In the Heights, which will be released sometime this summer, and Godzilla vs. Kong, which is currently playing! IContinue reading “Returning to the Movie Theater”

Saigon, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Beijing in a few pix

My wife and I spent two weeks in Vietnam and China recently. Below are some images from the trip. The main part of the vacation was in Vietnam. The time in Beijing was a stop off on the way home to visit with our son, his beautiful wife and their adorable two daughters. Ho ChiContinue reading “Saigon, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Beijing in a few pix”

“Okay, everybody be quiet! I’m going to change channels”

The news from Mother Jones doesn’t surprise me. All “smart” devices have the ability for others–including the government–to accidentally or purposefully eavesdrop on your conversations. I’m especially creeped out by Amazon’s and Google’s smart speakers. In case you needed another reminder that Amazon’s Echo, an internet-connected recording device designed to listen and respond to verbal commands, canContinue reading ““Okay, everybody be quiet! I’m going to change channels””

Trip to Vancouver: A Travelogue in Pictures and (a few) Words

I just got back from a vacation in Vancouver British Columbia. I got to see my son, his wife and their daughter. They live in Beijing so it is a rare treat when we can meet. There was some business the young family had to conduct and we were happy to offer any service possibleContinue reading “Trip to Vancouver: A Travelogue in Pictures and (a few) Words”

Floating down the river with Dave

In the summer of 1977, I floated down the American River with my friend Dave. This was a horrible moment in my life and I almost forgot about it until it came to me recently while sitting on a mat listening to a yoga teacher talk about dignity, contentment, and gratitude. We were about to go intoContinue reading “Floating down the river with Dave”

The color purple and other femmy things

via Daily Prompt: Purple Recently, I received a cushion from one of my female yoga teachers. A purple cushion. Let it be known, with my red, pink, salmon, and other bright-colored oxford shirtsleeves, I am pretty secure in my sexuality. Still, the color of this cushion is emblematic of American yogic culture–overwhelmingly feminine. But hey,Continue reading “The color purple and other femmy things”

The Daily Post and writer’s block

Is it the words The Daily Post is generating or am I having a case of writer’s block?  Just when I relaunched this blog I find myself without much to say. True, I usually wax on about myself like I was the most interesting person in the blogosphere but, my new leaf of writing aboutContinue reading “The Daily Post and writer’s block”