Silk vs. the Surface of the Moon

Larry sat on the dermatologist’s table–his arms extended at 10 and 2. At the same time, med students ran their soft, mostly female fingers over his rough forearms while the dermatologist described Larry’s skin condition as “disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis,” or DSAP for short. He tried in vain to ignore the dermatologist’s voice as he explained DSAP to his students and all the other fingers on his skin so he could focus on the stunning young woman’s silk-like touch, but they all felt silk on his moon-surface forearms.

The gorgeous med student’s fingers were nearest his wedding ring which helped snap Larry out of his dogmatic, unrealistic fantasy. But that deli sandwich at the restaurant across the street from the clinic was no fantasy. Turkey and pastrami with melted cheddar on Dutch crunch with the works–that’s his real smokin’ hot mistress!

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