Bitchin’ to Jesus, Talking with My Hand, and One Scary Window (BBBC 2017.9)

This is a tough one: Strange Thing I Believed as a Kid. I don’t think I believed in anything strange. I had only a little exposure to Christianity as a child so I had a very limited understanding of prayer. Instead of worshiping, petitioning, asking for forgiveness, I complained why He made me the way He did. Whatever you call it, it was more of a weepy bitch session then any kind of prayer. 

Hmm, this don’t look scary.

There were things like Palm–a make-believe person I made out of my hand and a pen, but that’s really not a belief. Finally, there was my bedroom window with the tier curtains. At night it looked like the face of a mean giant. If I couldn’t sleep I would dwell on the window, and the more I stared at it the more it looked like an angry robot face, or something. It would scare the crap out of me.  

I revisited something like this recently when during the current storms that are hammering Northern California creating flood conditions and saturating the soil to the point that when the winds come large trees are falling all around “The City of Trees,” I kept looking out my bedroom window at the huge Silver Maple wondering if it falls will it fall my way? Will it crush me? if it hits the house and tears open a hole in my bedroom will the beehive in the tree piss off it’s occupants? 

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