Misinformation (BBBC 2017.21)

It’s funny (not really), but if it weren’t for the rise of Donald J. Trump onto the political scene I don’t think his orange face (or poor embattled, lackluster CNN) would be the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “misinformation.” Still, the big question here is the difference between “misinformation” and “disinformation.” When I was studying journalism back when the “iron curtain” was still up, our government would actively dole out disinformation–purposefully lying to the public, presumably for our own “good,” and they still do.

Misinformation can be, but is not always, more benign. Considering how Fox News addled our president is and how he often speaks off the cuff I think his untruths are a mixture of the two–he actually believes some of the fake news that he peddles as facts and then there’s the other chestnuts he makes up right there on the spot.

Okay, this is depressing me. On the lighter side, The Guardian’s US Edition has a fun quiz about this fake news (or mis/disinformatio): Can you spot the “real” fake news story? Then again, maybe it’s just more depressing shit. Sorry. Here’s a picture of some adorable kittens to cheer you up! Thanks for stopping by.

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