The Coffee House Experience (BBBC 2017.17)

I started drinking coffee kind of late in the game–around my thirties. I’m not a heavy drinker. In fact, it is the coffee house that I really like. (The coffee is just a nice byproduct of the experience.) Did it really all start in Seattle? All I know is I never saw a coffee house (not an American-style cafe) until I visited Seattle. I fell in love with the experience immediately.

Now I try to visit an independent Sacramento coffee house whenever I can. I only drink about two cups a day. Many times both cups are in my house and that’s okay. Still, if I can find the time to visit a local independent coffee house I am a happy man. I would not consider visiting one of the many Seattle coffee houses a “simple” pleasure, but there are places here in town that I immensely enjoy.

Unlike the lobbyists and legislative support staff that strategize over their lattes in Downtown Sacramento; or the lonely college student, laptop open, studying with the assistance of their iced Americanos; I just take in the atmosphere and the smell of java while browsing through my magazine or phone. Life is good!

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