Burger Run After My Humble Church Ministry (BBBC 2017.18)

This blog originally started as a copycat of two superior blogs that I love very much: Scooter in the Sticks and Burger Junkies. Every Saturday morning I would create the bulletin for Faith Bible Church of Sacramento’s Sunday’s Service, print it out, and ride over to the church to drop them off. I would then go to a burger joint, take pictures of the food like so many foodies do, evaluate the burger and fries, and give it a rating.  Other Saturdays, after dropping off the bulletins, I would just go for a ride, park my scooter in front of some interesting piece of architecture and start taking pictures.  

I’ve attended Faith Bible Church for longer than I have had a scooter. I was saved in this church in the mid-1990s, and, on the day of my baptism, my mother –who came along to see me get dunked–told me this was the church the next-door neighbors took me to on Sundays way back when I was in kindergarten. That was one of those serendipitous moments that come along far too infrequently during our short stay on Earth.

I admit I’m a Doubting Thomas especially when it comes to the fundamentalist approach of Christianity like the kind preached in my church. I lean more towards a John Shelby Spong type than a John F. MacArthur. Still, I enjoy my time here and love my church family–attending Bible study here as well as the Sunday service. 

My politics do not mesh well with the doctrines of this fundamentalist church, but I enjoy my time here, nonetheless–attending Bible study here as well as the Sunday service. 

After dropping off the bulletins I skip the burger and settle for a cup of coffee.  

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