Boston/Plymouth/Nantucket (BBBC 2017.2)

Mass. State House

Excluding states I have flown over or states I have visited due to short layovers where I never leave the airport the only states I have visited are California (home), Oregon (I’ve traveled through it a couple of times and visited Crater Lake), Washington (Seattle is my favorite city), Nevada (Skiing, gambling), New York (Mostly Buffalo on our way to Niagara Falls, Virginia (Gettysburg), Maryland (Saw the Orioles, stayed at a friends how while visited D.C., and last September I visited Massachusetts–specifically: Boston, Plymouth, and the island of Nantucket. We visited other towns in the area, but the only other place

International Trust Company

It was a wonderful trip. I’d like to go back and see the stuff I missed especially take in a Red Sox game at at Fenway Park and go to many of the site seen only from the tour bus. (We ran out of time.)

I also want to go to Martha’s Vineyard though I have been warned by my better half that the frequent stops in boutiques would kill me. I also would enjoy re-visiting Nantucket again, which we didn’t have time to really enjoy.

Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Park Street Church
The closest I got to Fenway.

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