What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to Me? (BBBC 2017.14)

First off, I need to be reminded of it. (Thanks Google and Facebook!) It’s not on my internal calendar. Though my wife and I rarely fuss about Christmas or birthday gifts she will feel a little slighted if I don’t bring something home from work today.

I’ll walk to the florist and pick up something with a card on my break. Most days like today I ride my bike to work and don’t have room in my tiny trunk for anything big. If I ride my scooter I can haul home a plant in my top case or under my saddle taking care not to lean into turns and spill whatever I’m hauling. Her big gift comes in the forms of back and foot rubs, which I administer on most days. (Well, at least the back rubs.)

Call me Mr. Cynic, but I think this along with a few other “Days” on the calendar is an excuse to give Hallmark Cards some revenue. Now, make this an official National Holiday and I’m all in. Perhaps I’d take my sweetie out for lunch in celebration of getting this marketing ploy off. I guess that’s not the spirit. Oh well, there’s always Mexico’s Flag day on the 24th.

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