Why I Don’t Do That Selfie Shit (BBBC (2017.8)

I am the least photogenic person I know. I have always had a fat face even in my high school and college days when I thinned out. My eyes seem to get lost in my big cheeks. I also have a lazy left eye. These things made me not very popular so I didn’t smile much. The muscles set and now when I smile in earnest it looks forced and ultimately fake. Early adult male balding only adds to my not-so GQ look.

For some reason I still make an attempt, once a while, at a selfie. Here are three colossal fails.

The Unintentional KGB Hitman-look.

After I stopped driving and before I bought a scooter and a bicycle I was a bus commuter. This was taken at a bus stop in the evening. The lite ad to my right bleached out and gave the image a creepy look.
The “Open-Your-Eyelids-Wider-So-We-Can-See-Your-Beautiful-Eyes” Look

This one was supposed to be my new LinkedIn profile pic. Obviously it didn’t make the cut.

Now we’re talking!

Okay, this last one is not really me, nor did I take it. I think I captured the image when specing out a new coffeemaker and like it better than any other pix that I have never shared until now. Peace.

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