Getting Old is a Bitch!

No, it’s not a nipple. The big question is, is it cancer. 

I needed to see my doctor to check on my MRI results. (See previous post.) Good, I don’t have a brain tumor. I will now see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to see what they has to say. 
While I was in the examining room I showed my doctor a toe that has been bothering me for a couple of years and what appeared to be a nipple on my cheek that was a new development. The toe business was pretty straightforward and I was satisfied with his diagnosis and rx. When he looked at the cheek nipple; however, he started typing, saying without looking up, “You will need to make an appointment with me very soon so I can remove it and have a biopsy done on it to rule out cancer.”
It’s frustrating how when I go in for a problem that won’t go away and he does not have an easy fix, he then says, oh by the way you might have skin cancer on top of the vertigo thingy. I’ve had medical challenges my whole life: seizure disorder, lazy eye, skin problems, degenerative disc disorder in both my upper and lower back, this chronic vertigo, and now this pimple from hell. 
It’s a bitch getting old!

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