The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I had an MRI done yesterday to rule out a brain/inner ear tumor. As stated in earlier posts, I have been suffering from constant and mild dizziness. I don’t think about the specter of a tumor that much, but when I do it is not a pleasant feeling.

I recently became acquainted with a college friend I have not seen for twenty-five years. He is down on his luck: no job, no love in his life, and very frustrated about his lot. I am trying to “be there” for him, but at times the tumor thing comes up. At times I want to say “buck up, why don’t you. I may have a tumor,” but that wouldn’t help either of us.

I wish I was more dedicated in my yoga practice. It is funny how when I am practicing my asanas I don’t think of this crap, but I am horrible at getting on the mat. Yoga is chiefly responsible for me losing twenty pounds. You would think I would be grateful!

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