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I’m a Democratic Socialist
I’m a scooterist
I’m a Christian

My two sons–especially my oldest–doesn’t like labels. Wise men. Labels come with assumptions; labels, over-simplify what they are describing. And if a label is placed on a human being that is really problematic considering how complex we are with our own individual contradictions.

I have always liked labeling myself. It gives me an identity and considering how sometimes I am crippled with a lack of self-confidence, a label can give me the boost that I would otherwise lack. A label can make me a part of something bigger than myself.

The contradiction is I don’t really play well with others that would bare my label. I go to local DSA chapter meetings from time to time and feel like I do not belong. I’ve attempted to join scooter clubs and have either been politely denied or end up the wallflower of the rally and ultimately bail out of the group before being sponsored. My faith is a little different from my church’s and my wife’s.

Perhaps Loner is the best label that describes me, but that’s not one I particularly like just one I am most comfortable with.

2 thoughts on “Labeling

  1. policehorse

    But you’re not a label, my friend. You’re JACK, a complex, thinking, feeling, being. I get what you’re saying though. Glad I have rediscovered your blog. Peace.



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