Mom (BBBC 2017.12)

My first entry for the Brave Bold Blogger Challenge was No. 28. I’ve decided to save the most important for last: Mother. I have a great mother. I admit, I don’t spend enough time with her, especially since my Dad died. I would imagine many adults would say that about their mom. 

One thing that has been a blessing is our recent agreement to attend day trips sponsored by Sports Leisure Vacations. We’ve only been to one so far: Anthony Bourdain in San Francisco. A wonderful trip visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, having a nice meal, and going to the War Memorial Opera House to see the famed ex-chef turned world food celebrity.  (I also got giggles out of watching my mom wince every time Anthony dropped the F-bomb–which was often.)

We are planning a trip to a Giants game. I’ll be rooting for the visiting Washington Nationals. (I’m not a big Giants fan. Go A’s!) 

I hope to go to more events like this. Visiting her at home is nice, but it is also fun to go on excursions, especially when neither of us has to drive. My Dad died a little over two years ago so these kind of meet-ups are especially precious. I love you, Mom. You’re the greatest!

1 thought on “Mom (BBBC 2017.12)

  1. Red Carey

    Jack your a kick, love reading your blog! I find you so entertaining, and actually relate to so much you say….. I must admit, I forget sometimes about your blog and when I am wasting time (admittedly, I do way that way too much!) and am on the computer all of a sudden it hits me, hey wait a minute I haven’t searched out Burger Scoot in a while. It looks different, I guess you being a tech guy change it up the look of your blog every so often?….Anyway, just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading my cousins entries, its funny, knowing we are related makes it extra fun for me. This particular entry was really nice.



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