My Trail for Getting to Work and Back and Just Relaxing (BBBC 2017.27)

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Bike Trail is one of the best bike trails on the west coast of North America. But this isn’t that trail. I have never walked or rode that trail. I have; however, rode the Sacramento River Parkway Trail. In fact, I ride the trail nearly every weekday. An afterthought of the 32-mile Jedediah, the Sacramento River Parkway Trail is only about nine miles long, and I haven’t traveled all of that either. Are you impressed yet? Joking aside, I live less than a mile from the trail, so it is a convenient place to walk the dog. Also, I usually ride my bike to work and the trail is a great way of cutting out traffic adding only about two miles to the round trip. Well worth it. 

Sacramento’s iconic Tower Bridge next to an Embassy Suites with a (fuzzy) Sacramento Kings sign

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