What Am I Thankful for Today (BBBC 2017.16)

Before my father died two years ago he asked me if I was happy in my career. I was honest, which may have not been the right answer for the time. If he would have asked my brother that question I am sure my brother would have given him a satisfying answer. I’m pretty sure my sister would have given him a positive answer, too–I think. 

I told him the truth: I wanted to be a journalist, but got side tracked and have been pushing paper in a cubicle farm for most of my adult years. I don’t hate the work, but I know that when I push past the fairy tale bullshit I am thankful things worked out the way they did.  I’m not sure I would have like being a journalist. I am a civil servant for the State of California and when I look at how things are in the newspaper biz, I can say I picked the most steady, if not inspiring, career path out there.

I’m happily married to a wonderful woman, a father to two boys–now grown men. The oldest, my stepson, is now married with a beautiful wife and baby girl and while my younger son is struggling in college, the most important thing is he is happy.

So, thinking about today’s Brace, Bold, Blogger Challenge I say I am thankful that I have a wonderful life. Just like George Bailey. Cheers!

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