The Benies of Bad Skin (BBBC 2017.10)

Roxie Deli’s House

I have a skin condition and Ostosteoporosis. Lovely, right? Nothing like starting on a cheery note! As bad has having Osteoporosis is it lead me to a physical therapist who turned me on to yoga. The only good thing about visits to a dermatologist is that my hospital is a learning one some when I sit on the examining table the doc has me extend both of my hands and the medical students that flank me on both side move there fingers across my arms while the doctor explains to them some of the specifics of Disseminated Superficial actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP). I like being touched, and while I can’t explain to why it turns out most of them are attractive women. (Sez the dirty old man with the gross skin.

But Jockomo, what does this have to do with your Favorite Sandwich (BBBC 2017’s Day 10 entry)? Excellent question. The excellent deli Roxie Deli is across the street from both of these clinics. So, I take advantage of any maladies that are near great eateries.

Roxie has many sandwiches and other items that are excellent: a wonderful Roxi Meatball Mafia, a barbecue sandwich which changes daily depending on whatever they threw out on the slow cooker that morning, and many others, but the one sandwich I love so much that after I had it I just can’t choose anything else. The House is hot turkey and pastrami with melted cheddar cheese with onions, pepperoncinos, lettuce tomato on a large Dutch crunch roll. 

I’ve had sandwiches with all of these elements before, but they have never tasted as good as this one. I don’t know what the special ingredient is. My guess is all the ingredients are the very best and the guys who make these masterpieces have the Midas touch. I would eat there at least once a week and be ten pounds fatter if the store wasn’t a little out of the way, but things are looking up; my DSAP is acting up! More cute med students rubbing my gross arms followed by my favorite sandwich!

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