The Vacuum of Vacuuming (BBBC 2017.3)

My least favorite household chore is vacuuming the house. Now to be honest I rarely do it leaving the job for my wife though from time to time I feel either compelled for one reason or another or I get a direct order from the boss to do it. When my wife sees me doing the job to reminds me that I am using the wrong tool for the job. (Can’t remember which tool to use for the hardwood and which for the rugs.)

One of many breaks.

If she is out of the house when I am tasked to do the job I always take breaks between rooms or sometimes coaches in the same room. (Man, we have a lot of coaches!) No, our house isn’t that big, but the vacuuming is so monotonous that I need to break it up! You would be amazed how long it takes me to vacuum four rooms of hardwood floors, linoleum (or whatever the stuff is called) rugs, couches, and chairs. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not even talking about the bedrooms.

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