Yosemite National Park (BBBC 2017.11)

I have never been to Yosemite National Park. When I was growing up all my friends had gone to Yosemite and in all my adult years I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say they have not been to Yosemite. I admit I’m not the outdoors type. Still, whenever I hear people talk about how much fun it was climbing Half Dome, hiking to Yosemite Falls, Lembert Dome, Cathedral Peak or getting a good look at El Capitan I can’t help but feel envy.
Still, I hate hiking, especially if it involves climbing up. Stair Master is my last pick when it comes to exercise machines. I like yoga–it’s nice and flat. Still, I would like to see the sights from a comfortable seated position–a tour bus or maybe a bicycle. Are there bicycle tours? As long as they have them for slowpokes I’d be up for that.

I admit, I would love to enjoy Yosemite from a good lodge with a nice restaurant included. I love hotels. Hell, I even love the complementary USA Today, and that’s saying something for a student of journalism. 

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