I start MindSpace’s “14 Day Meditation Challenge” today

business man practice yoga at network server room

I have been meditating most days now for about six months, but I want to step up the practice to everyday. Currently, I am meditating every weekday afternoon in the the dressing room in my work’s bike room. It’s loud, but the fan noise and dripping shower faucet gives me sounds to focus on.

My friend Angus pointed me to MindSpace where it has a fourteen day challenge. Though I have been tinkering with smartphone apps like Omvana, Simply Being, and starting yesterday, Head Space, I think I will check MindSpace out. Kind of disappointed they don’t have a smartphone app.

Anyway, I’ll try this out and get back to you.

1 thought on “I start MindSpace’s “14 Day Meditation Challenge” today

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