My Very Own Plank Challange

Man in plank poseThere are plenty of Plank challenges out there. Just check out I can hold a plank posture like the one above for over a minute so perhaps my challenge illustrated below is a little on the conservative side–both in its daily duration and it’s length. Still, I’m going to start out small and see how easy it is.

Day 1 – 60 seconds
Day 2 – 75 seconds
Day 3 – 75 seconds
Day 4 – 75 seconds
Day 5 – 90 seconds
Day 6 – 90 seconds
Day 7 – 90 seconds
Day 8 – 110 seconds
Day 9 – 110 seconds
Day 10 – 130 seconds
Day 11 – 130 seconds
Day 12 – 145 seconds
Day 13 – 145 seconds

When I get around Day 10, if I can’t handle the times I will drop down to my elbows as illustrated below.

Man doing forearm plank pose in yoga

Some of these challenges include side planks and other variations. We’ll see if I move on to those kind. As it is, in yoga classes I always have to use an easier modification for some of these planks, and that doesn’t really work my core much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to progress to those types.

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