Observations From the Mat #1: An Introduction to my Various Practices

I attend three, sometimes four, yoga classes a week. While I have been practicing yoga for over two years now, I am still pretty green. This is mainly due to spending my first year only attending one Gentle Yoga class a week and treating it mostly like it was just a component in my weekly workout plan, which also included treadmill walk/jog intervals, push-ups, and pull ups. 

About a year or so into attending the weekly Gentle Yoga class I increased my frequency to two weekly yoga classes. The second class is a Vinyasa or Flow class, which is my favorite. It was the instructor of that class that got me hooked on yoga. She was a sub for the regular Gentle Yoga teacher. I left the studio a different man and started reading books on yoga and looking for other yoga classes at my club. Six months into taking two classes a week I began to attend a third class. That class was more difficult and I occasionally made excuses for skipping it. Recently, I have knuckled down and have attended this class regularly.

About two months ago I began attending a fourth class–this one at work. It is very different from the others and is dependent on space availability and the teacher’s time that make the class not as regular as the other three, but worth my time. This one is not very physically challenging, but has a spiritual element that I like. 

Since each class is lead by different teachers and–for the most part–attending by different students the feel of each class–even beyond the postures and sequencing is very different. This is the first in a series of posts of mostly non-technical observations of these classes–not so much critiques of the teachers, but other observations, some of them quite silly.

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