Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Vata Season

This morning was the first day I started a daily morning meditation regime. I have attempted to meditate without guidance and in an irregular manner since the time I rejuvenated this blog last summer. A yoga teacher who grew up in a family that meditated regularly told me not to be discouraged and to start with a modest goal and work your way up: “It’s like lifting weights, if you want to lift 200 pounds start with 100 and work your way up.”

I have many different sources to help me: I subscribe to Tara Brach’s podcast as well as have copies of her guided meditations from her book Radical Acceptance,  some other podcasts that may have guided meditations, iPhone apps like Headspace, Be Fearless, and Simply Being.

However, this morning I chose to start with Omvanti, which features optional background music. I hope that this won’t be another failed attempt at self improvement. I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

I hope to post exciting news of my progress (That’s better! ). In the meantime here is an interesting article from about mindfulness meditation–the type of meditation that appeals to me the most, and appears to be the most difficult type of meditation.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Vata Season

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