When Positive isn’t Very Positive

While the results from my MRI came back negative for any brain tumors, the little nipple I introduced to my doctor as he was walking out the door turned up positive for Squamous Cell Carcinoma–skin cancer! 

Now they will cut into my check and dig out the rest. Whatever happened to my vertigo? Oh yeah, they haven’t got to that yet. It would be nice if they found the vertigo problem just under the nipple the doctor cut off, but the two-birds-with-one-stone thing doesn’t happen very often if ever.

I recall meeting a guy in my high school days that was related to my mother’s side of my family. The guy was covered in tumors–no kidding. There was something very fatal about him, his tumors showed me that people are flawed and ultimately dying. I have no idea where this guy is now and, though he seemed like a nice person, I don’t care to know–he was a constant reminder of how flawed we are.

At my age, I can see things going in that direction. It’s humbling. My wife’s key fop offers some sound advice:

Life is short
Pray hard!

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