Meditation is the Key!

Yesterday a yoga instructor come to work and we practiced during lunchtime. This is usually a time I spend eating and watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I protect it like a momma bear protects her cubs, but I spent the time practicing asanas and trying to meditate. I say “trying” because, like analyzing (I am an IT analyst), it is something I do, but not very well.

I know I should practice my yoga more and watch TV less, but it is a daunting challenge for me. Recently, I read a  piece on 10 Ways to Create More Space in Your Life that reminded me of a book I just read, “Everything That Remains: A Memoir by the Minimalists” that chronicled how two successful businessmen who left their high-paying jobs to live lives with less and ultimately felt more fulfilled by living that way. Anyway, the “Create More Space” piece fascinated me and I am now trying to incorporate many of the items in the article:

  • Start a Journal. That’s why I have resurrected this blog
  • Clean out your closet. Good idea. Haven’t done it yet, though
  • Make space in your stomach. I just ate two servings of Baked Ziti. I won’t be starting that today
  • Cut the clutter. a BIG challenge
  • Meditate. The grand daddy of challenges for this scatterbrain

I have a problem concentrating during the savasana portion of my practice, if I am not worrying about something or playing back an incident that happened recently or a long time ago, I am sleeping. I have been told savasana is a very difficult posture and this is why: it is difficult to keep present when you are just laying there. Savasana is the perfect time to meditate, but my attempts to achieve this state usually fail.

Of the five above bullet points that I have decided to work on, I believe the fifth one holds the key to the other four and much more!

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