Christopher and the Ergonomic Chairs

Christopher parked his Nissan Sentra in the company’s CFO spot—walked into the empty building, and took his place at the Information Desk of the vacant building.

He checked and routed yesterday’s mail, checked and routed yesterday’s email and voicemails, and checked his email and schedule–nothing was for him.

It was March of 2020, and he was grateful that the company didn’t lay him off or request that he work from home–he had a laptop, but his cheap apartment did not have Wi-Fi; anyway, it was nice to get away from his annoying roommate who yelled why he Zoomed.

Most days, he brought a sack lunch; then, after his sandwich, he would belt out show tunes to the dozens of empty ergonomic chairs in the call center.

By March of 2021, the routine was getting old, and he craved human connection.

In May, the company was working in the building at half capacity; Christopher lost his convenient parking spot to his boss, and he had to stop singing to the ergonomic chairs; some of its occupants may not like Broadway songs.

15 thoughts on “Christopher and the Ergonomic Chairs

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge

    Good fortune – no layoff! I imagine it would be kind of cool to be the only one in the building. You do your work without worrying about anyone else. An advantage to have, but one that took it’s toll on many of us who did the remote work for a year.

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  2. jenne49

    Your writing made me like this character, his individuality. Pity he had to give up the singing when he got the company back that he was also craving. Maybe he’ll convert them to Broadway songs.

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  3. Lisa Tomey

    Reminds me of when I worked in a call center and took the weekend shifts where you worked overnight. The other person in the room would take a nap with instructions to me to wake her if there was an emergency. I wanted to play music at that time just to aggravate her.



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