Every time he spoke, a collection of bubbles would start to form in the right corner of his mouth.

It got to the point where I stopped listening to whatever he was talking about and focused on the bubbles.

He could have been talking about things we both were interested in: motorcycles, skiing, or Notre Damn football; all I was thinking about was that damn bubble machine in the corner of that kid’s mouth.

Whenever a bubble popped, a smaller one appeared deeper in the corner, only to grow and then expire, and the cycle would start over again.

I wouldn’t call this effervescent; at the time, I didn’t know of the word though I had seen what happens to a freshly opened bottle of Coke.

The right corner of Dave’s mouth was effervescent, only by the loosest and most unappealing definition, but while writing this short piece using the prompt “effervescent” that was the first and for a long while, the only thing I thought of: Dave’s bubble-making mouth and how I wanted him to cut that shit out!

9 thoughts on “Effervescent–Not!

  1. UP

    in his dottage, my dad was never without a hankerchief in hand due to his slobbering…er I laugh, i am sure I am on my way to such efferceescence. good relaistic post.


  2. Pat Brockett

    I had the same thought as Mimi, and I know that sometimes children who haven’t been exposed to other children who have perhaps some kind of physical or mental disability can feel frightened by what they don’t understand yet.
    You did a great job of describing the characters in your SSS.


  3. clark

    they never seemed to know (or worse, in my book) they never seemed to care (about the bubbles or the snot or the fill-in-the-blank) it made me jealous. to live so unselfconsciously!
    good six, yo



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