What I Ate for Breakfast This Morning? These Days the Verb is "Drank" (BBBC 2017.24)

I love big breakfasts: bacon, over-medium eggs, hash browns, toast, sometimes mixing it up with sausage(s), home fries, scrambled eggs, or a scramble–mixing all or most of that stuff together! I am also very lazy and rarely have that kind of meal if I have to get up early and make it myself. So, on the weekends it is cold cereal or frozen waffles and on the weekdays it’s coffee.
On work mornings I used to wait for my morning break and go to Temple Coffee Roasters–a local chain that serves Fair Trade Coffees and Teas. I would order a pour over with a “Cheesy Bacon Biscuit.” No, brothers and sisters, not a very good breakfast for someone who is often seen shouting to the heavens, “Why can’t I loose weight?!” 
Lately, I have been running low on funds and figured I could save about $150 a month if I brew my own coffee at work so I bought a slick immersion dripper. I could have got a French press rig, but this seemed easier and I am already acquainted with the business end of a dripper. The Bonavita immersion process is a cut above your standard drip process. Here’s a demonstration:
But what about bringing milk, cereal, fruit, or even frozen waffles to work, Jack? This is “the most important meal of the day.” Meh, unless someone is cooking me a Grand Slam I’ll settle for this. Don’t hate me. 

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Me likey cheeseburgers, me likey scooters, me likey books, me likey cinema (fancy word for movies), me political junkie, me card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

2 thoughts on “What I Ate for Breakfast This Morning? These Days the Verb is "Drank" (BBBC 2017.24)

  1. OK so tell me, do you recommend the Immersion Dripper? Does it make a great cup of coffee? I have a Keurig machine like your mom has…..Its OK but sometimes I am craving something better when I really want that perfect cup of coffee…..


    1. I wanted a Keurig for work, but I didn’t have the space. I would definitely recommend the immersion dripper, but the Keurig is nice to have when you don’t want to mess around with brewing coffee.


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