The Favorite Scooter Gadgets I Don’t Have (BBBC 2017.6)

Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge No. 6: “Your favorite motorcycle gadget/gizmo” is a tough one. I have no gadgets or gizmos. I’m a simple scooterist. I have a simple disk break lock that I never use so I would hardly call that my favorite. I had some valve stem covers with tire pressure monitor alert indicators built in, but they were cheap and unreliable.

Disk break lock. Not much of a “gizmo.”

If I can cheat a little I’ll say that favorite scooter gadget that I haven’t purchased yet is a cruise control like the one in the above video. When I was trying to get into the Sacramento Royal Bastards Scooter Club I went on my first and only run that left my wrist numb as noted in this May 29, 2012 post. The run did not sour me on long rides though I haven’t done many long rides since.

Grip warmers are another item that are worthy of consideration. Still, glove liners seem to do the trick for me, so I doubt I’ll be investing in those. 

Finally, there’s the interesting, but kind of scary helmet speakers. I’m a political podcast junkie and cannot get enough of the stuff. I’m always finding ways I can listen to The Majority Report, Democracy Now!, Chapo Trap House, KPFA – Letters and Politics, etc. Despite my apprehension, I have justified at least considering installing them when (before I had a Class M1) a motorcycle safety instructor, of all people, told me he had this kind of rig. Maybe some day. 

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