Is Egg on a Burger Overrated? Me Think So!

One of my first posts on this blog was a video of Paula Dean creating an Egg/Beef Burger on a Glazed Donut. The only thing missing was the Ghost of Type 2 Diabetes well on its way to court the Savannah chef. While the glazed donut “bun” made me want to hurl, the egg was a new idea to me–especially that it was sunny-side up, not broken. As it turned out I found other recipes for hamburgers that employ a sunny side up egg.

I remember my father showing me how to make a fried egg sandwich. While my childhood memories are very foggy, this one is quite sharp. Back in these days my father rarely ever did any food preparation. This was before he discovered grilling and barbecuing. He taught me to break the egg so it would not be runny while you are eating it–a very practical idea, I thought.

Years later my youngest son would make these kind of sandwiches, but he would keep the egg undisturbed, which made for a messy sandwich, but he liked it that way, I guess. I never asked him if he knew it would be a tidier affair if he broke the yoke. Anyway, I had what I rated as one of the best hamburgers in town the other day–the Grilled Ella Hamburger at Ella Dinning Room, but on this day I ordered it with the optional fried egg. As you can see above, I got the burger with an unbroken yoke.

The burger, as I have reported earlier, is excellent, but I question whether the egg made the burger uneatable in the traditional manner. At least in this case, it didn’t make taste better. The burger basically blew up in my hands after a few bites and I found myself eating it with a fork and knife. Maybe I was supposed to use my entrenching tools to begin with–this is Ella Dinning Room, after all. Still, me likey hamburger. Me don’t likey metal pointy things. Me likey eating with hands.

1 thought on “Is Egg on a Burger Overrated? Me Think So!

  1. MeganWelsh

    I have always thought an easy burger pitfall is when it can't hold up when picked up. During construction, it's important to layer the ingredients so they don't start slipping over each other and repositioning the axis. If the solution is to eat with a utensil, then I am just going to move on to tacos.

    If we had 4 hands to eat with (wait, am I onto something here?), a slippery egg that has the Romeyesque effect of sending your top bun sliding into wildly different positions would be manageable. Otherwise, it's only for home eating, when you can break out the Gallager tarp and dig in with impunity.



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