Occupy Scooterist!

Occupy Supply Safety Vest–so I provide all those flag waving, truck driving, Tea Partiers a big target!
Strange though, no one has commented on it in the month I have been riding with it on my back.

One of my favorite political blogs, Firedoglake, started a fund to assist the Occupy movement back in September of 2011–that’s right Burger Scoot fans, your humble servant is a commie! Occupy Supply has provided money and warm clothes, tents, and other supplies for the Occupy movement. (Did you think the Occupy movement was dead? Think again, comrade!)
Since I am an armchair Occupier I have donated money as well as purchased goods that benefit the movement.  All donations used to distribute union- and American-made supplies to Occupy groups across the country.

Published by whatsystem

Me likey cheeseburgers, me likey scooters, me likey books, me likey cinema (fancy word for movies), me political junkie, me card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

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