“I Started a Blog, Which Nobody Read”

Go to: Buzz 99: I Started a Blog, Which Nobody Read#links

And it doesn’t matter how much I shamelessly promote this thing to those who I thought liked me, all I seem to get is, “Oh yeah, I’ll check it out, man” followed by nothing, no comments, nothing. When you get to quizzing your nieces and nephews to find out whether they read the blog like they said they did, that’s when you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Thanks, Buzz.

3 thoughts on ““I Started a Blog, Which Nobody Read”

  1. Buzz

    The song strikes a chord, doesn’t it? I guess the way I see it is: you start a blog because you like it, and it’s fun. If people read it, swell. If not…well, it’s like that poetry you wrote in high school: no one may have appreciated it, but you sure felt like a poet!


  2. Anonymous

    yeah, like the man said, do it for yourself…..i came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting and waiting to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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