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Battle Royale

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Ruhe und Kraft durch Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than three years. It started as an Rx by a physical therapist who said there’s no cure for my degenerative disk disease, but keeping limber will keep me off ibuprofen and the occasional opioid. She was right–barring the stiffness from binge-watching streaming TV shows, I’m pretty much always limber thanks to four hours of yoga a week.

And this is my struggle: my laziness and gluttony versus my life on the mat and trying to diet. It is a mortal struggle. Since I think I spend more hours doing the two things that are killing me than the hours I spend on the mat sweating it out, it is a losing battle—all of this on the battlefield of Time–the ultimate killer.

It’s all about what element will conquer my body on a given day. This day, Sunday, May 19, 2017, goes to the Axis of Evil: an hour of TV, way too much ice cream late in the evening, and just the plain fact that I have much fewer days on this planet than the days behind me. Tomorrow is another fight.