Right on Sister–ur Mother!

Yes, you should absolutely call your mom today. But you should also know that Mother’s Day isn’t just a holiday for greeting card and chocolate companies to make a buck, but of radical antiwar and feminist organizers.   Women Strike for Peace activists at a Censure Nixon rally in Washington, DC, on January 18, 1972. (Dorothy… I’mContinue reading “Right on Sister–ur Mother!”

This Machine Kills [Proto]Fascists

If only Woody Guthrie was around today I’m sure he would have a song or two about Donald Trump–he had one for his father. Arvind Dilawar interviews Will Kaufman author of three books on Guthrie for Jacobin.  Legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie is best known for his anthem “This Land Is Your Land,” which canContinue reading “This Machine Kills [Proto]Fascists”

“Minimum wage, we’ll chalk it up to that”

On August 10, 2018, Richard “Beebo” Russell, an overworked, underpaid ground service agent at SeaTac, stole an empty Horizon Air Q400. After seventy-five minutes in the air, he crashed on a desolate part of Ketron Island in the south of the Puget Sound killing himself. There were no other casualties. The mainstream media reported thisContinue reading ““Minimum wage, we’ll chalk it up to that””

The Wobblies Past (and Present, I guess)

One night a few years ago I showed a 2-for-1 coupon for a local pan-Asian restaurant to my son. I wanted to know if he had visited the restaurant. He is a pescatarian, and places like this noodle restaurant are right up his alley. “Yeah, I’ve been there–many times,” he said. “It’s good. Our local chapter of the WobbliesContinue reading “The Wobblies Past (and Present, I guess)”