Six Sentence Stories: Cruel Yoga Gear

In-person yoga classes are back now that the studio has re-opened after a year of shelter-in-place. James got his yoga gear together: his blocks, strap, and a brand new foldable yoga mat that easily fits in the top case of his scooter; no more lugging the rolled-up old mat across his back for the scooter ride to the studio. The ad for the folding mat boasted that it was two millimeters thick!

Two things hit James when he began his first class in a year: the new teacher was the Marquee Sade of yoga, and two millimeters of PVC is not much padding. James misses the old teacher, who was more accessible to the senior citizens. But don’t mistake those tears on Jame’s two-millimeter folding yoga mat for longing; he’s crying for his poor knees!