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“The Greatest Scam that Baseball has seen in years”

I haven’t written much lately, and now that this story broke, I am speechless. The team I have loved since I was ten is planning to move to Las Vegas in 2027, and there is no simple reason behind the move.

Check out CBS Sports Radio’s Damon Amendolara‘s angry editorial from his show. He called the owner, John Fisher, “just another capitalist carpet bagger.” I like that! He also called the Athletics prospective move “The Greatest Scam that Baseball has seen in years.”

If you watched the “East Bay Blues” piece, check out Oakland City Mayor Sheng Thao’s apt comments on the A’s handling of the Las Vegas move.

Vitriol aside, I’ll leave you with the always-kind Dallas Braden. Braden is one of only two Oakland A’s hurlers to throw a perfect game (Jim “Catfish” Hunter being the other). In addition, Braden is a fun and animated commentator of A’s televised games. He leaves the dirty politics of this deal on the bench and sympathizes with Oakland fans.

Now I’m going to cry.