Interview with David Doel

I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube, but when I do I check out short clips from hour-long shows like Democracy Now!, Majority Report, Thom Hartmann Program, and Democracy at Work. There is one channel, however, I religiously check out every day: David Doel’s The Rational National. The show’s subject matter is always […]

(Political) Podcast Junkie 

Since I started riding my bike to work about four years ago, I have had much more time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. As I discover new podcasts the time spent on audiobooks naturally diminishes and if I get bogged down in an uninspiring audiobook I end up overdosing on podcasts. Nearly all of […]

Custom-made stainless steel nails

This story has no break ins, no gangs, no chop shop, no riot police like my previous neighborhood story set in 2006. I haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes who would read this or know this blog existed. Still, all the names have been changed here except for the pets, who are all dead except for […]

Home Sweet Home–Redux

This is a repost from October of 2006. I thought I would revisit this moment as I put the finishing touches on a similar post having to do with neighbors. About 17 years ago, my wife, our two sons and I moved out of our mid-town apartment and into a nice little home in East […]

Off the Mat, onto the Asphalt

“Life will bring you to your knees and rip you open in ways that will allow you to love. It is your heartbreak that will teach you compassion.” ― Seane Corn “Aaaaaaaah, my knee!” — Me I was riding home from a yoga class when it happened. I didn’t want to obey the stop sign–as I […]