National Lampoon’s Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle

Found this while tooling around on the web. I first read this in National Lampoon when I was in college. Funniest damn thing I read in those years. It pre-dates The Simpsons so it might have been the inspiration for The Itchy & Scratchy Show. The eyes have it!

The Breakfast(less) Club

Recently, while flipping through my athletic club’s newsletter I found what I thought would be an exciting addition to the GX schedule, Breakfast Club. Alright, I exclaimed to myself, now we’re talking! All this Pilates, Step, and Indoor Cycling shit at my club was getting me down. Now we have something I can really get into! […]

Joe Marty’s (Version 4.0)

Along with Selland’s Market-Cafe, Sampino’s Kitchen at Joe Marty’s is an excellent new addition to the Greater Broadway District in Sacramento. This bar & grill is not new. It’s a storied place working under different names.  It was originally opened by its namesake, who played for the Chicago Cubs and later the Pacific Coast League club, […]

Finding My Vespa

I recently got my scooter towed. I and three or four motorcyclists had been parking our rides in a tow away zone for a couple of days. Sure there were signs, but each day I found my Vespa in the spot where I left it–in between two signs prominently stating: NO PARKING BETWEEN 9-5 PM. […]

The Triple – Redux

It’s the Post Season, and while my A’s aren’t in it, I am still excited. Excited in hoping the Cubs or the Nats do well. Excited in hoping the Yankees go down in flames. Excited in hoping the Astros do well. Excited in hoping the Indians go all the way, I guess. I live with […]

The Oft-Forgotten Vietnam War Doc

This post is from one of my favorite bloggers, Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist. With all the press (the positive reviews and also some fascinating critical views) about the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick series on Vietnam, Peter Davis’ brilliant 1974 documentary seems to have been forgotten–once again. When the 1983 PBS series Vietnam: A Television History came […]